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The customer is accurately informed about the availability of the products available through the online store

If there is unavailability of only one part of the products ordered by the customer, the rest of the order, ie the products that are available, the order is executed normally.

The various product offers that appear in the online store (with the indications “Brochure Offer”, “Offer”, “Web Opportunity”, “Discount” or similar expressions), are always valid until the stocks are exhausted.

Prices and products bearing the brochure mark, the Offer mark or constitute an offer of limited duration are valid until the stocks are exhausted and the respective customer can purchase a single item. For these items, a strict order of time priority is observed in the execution of orders.


The user of the online store, if he wishes to place an order, has the opportunity to submit through the special form in the online store (“order basket”) the order in which he receives the products and services he wishes to procure.

The order is not binding on the company until it confirms its acceptance as below.

Before submitting the order to the customer, the following are announced, as terms of sale and the customer for the transmission of his order, states beforehand with the indication “I have read and accept the Terms of Use” that he explicitly informed and accepts the following details that are disclosed through the order and its special link, namely:

The characteristics of the products ordered.

The failure of the customer to be adequately informed is not the responsibility of the company but is his sole responsibility.

The business ID, address, phone number, fax number and email address.

The total price of the products, including VAT. and any other fee, as in the order, are reflected all the additional shipping, delivery or postage charges (also calculated on the body of the order) and any other costs.

The prices of the products listed on the website of each product are always the final ones (ie the corresponding VAT is included).

The arrangements for payment, delivery, execution, the deadline within which the company undertakes to deliver the products, the policy applied by the company to deal with complaints, the conditions, exceptions, the deadline and the procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Reminder of the existence of the seller’s liability for actual defects and lack of agreed properties in accordance with articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code where a contracted capacity is understood only if it has been contracted in writing.

Where applicable, the minimum duration of the consumer’s obligations under the contract.

Where applicable, the existence and terms of deposit of money to be paid or provided by the consumer whenever requested by the supplier.

Where applicable, the capabilities of the digital content, together with the applicable technical protection measures.

Where applicable, the capabilities of the digital content, together with the applicable technical protection measures.

Where applicable, the possibility of recourse to an out-of-court redress and redress mechanism to which the company belongs, as well as the ways to access it.

The obligation to pay by submitting the order if there is such an obligation by activating the selection icon with a legible mark that reads “order with obligation to pay”.

Whether delivery restrictions apply and which means of payment are accepted.


Each order of the customer is always followed by an automated e-mail message, within a short time, by the company, which includes the confirmation of the receipt of the order and repeats its content. This e-mail from the company is only a confirmation that the order has been received with the content mentioned and in no case does it constitute acceptance of the order or conclusion of terms of sale. No modification of the order or new agreement on it will be accepted unless it is recorded in writing and accepted by both parties.


Upon receipt of the order and the above confirmation of receipt, if the company ascertains the availability of the item and the correctness of the order and the absence of any errors in the online store regarding the pricing of items, their characteristics, etc. by new e-mail will confirm the acceptance of the order, its content, the preparation of the sale and the expected delivery time of the item as already announced before the submission of the order, in which case only then the sale is considered completed and gives birth claims from both sides.

In case the delivery area is not covered by the distribution network of the company, the customer is informed in advance about the charge for the shipment and assumes any relevant obligations towards the carrier.

The company is released by delivering the item to the carrier chosen by the customer.

The company is not obliged in any case based on the principle of good faith and the habits of transactions, to accept an order and to conclude a sale of products or services, which appear in the online store, due to a typographical or computer error, with a wrong price, ie different from applicable on the basis of its pricing policy for that period.

If in order such an error in the price is found only in a part of the ordered items, then the order is normally valid only for the other items and is considered not made for the items in which an error was found, unless the items in the order are relevant. , will be used as a whole and are of a follow-up nature to each other and the customer declares that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve his needs or interests, so the company must cancel the entire order. No additional charge on the order is borne by the customer without his explicit consent.

Sending the order for approval to the company is a statement of acceptance and consent for all charges incurred in the order. If there is no consent, the customer is entitled to a refund of this payment.

Also in case of sending unordered products or services, their non-refusal or failure to return them and the indifference of the customer is not interpreted in any case as their consent, acceptance or declaration of will to purchase them.

In case he is asked for a return by the company and he is late in delivering the items to be returned for more than two (2) working days then his refusal constitutes a statement of intent to purchase the items and the items are considered sold to the customer and he owes to pay cash value.

The customer also has the opportunity to be informed about the progress of the order, either by phone at 241 400 1687, or by sending an email to info@rubyboutique.gr

  1. Order Cancellation

The order is canceled within 2 hours from the completion of the order. Contact directly at tel: 241 400 1687 and a partner will undertake the cancellation of your order.

In case the customer has paid the value of his approved order before the cancellation statement and the company has already received it, then the company must return the value received to the customer within fourteen (14) calendar days. the same way he hastened the payment. Otherwise, if a payment order has been issued by the customer but the money has not been collected by the company (as in the case of a credit card debit order, however, when the Bank has not yet paid the price to the company), then the company is obliged to of the deadline of fourteen (14) working days to expedite any necessary action and statement to any competent body (Bank, etc.) to notify the cancellation of the order and the obligation to return any amount owed to the customer. In this case the company is considered to have legally fulfilled its obligations, and the cancellation of any charge will be made based on the terms of the contract that connects the customer with this third party (Bank etc) and the company bears no responsibility for the return time or reimbursement of any relevant charges.


  1. 6. a) METHODS OF PAYMENT (Valid for Greece)
  • Cash on delivery: Payment in cash at the time of delivery directly to the courier.

the cost of cash on delivery is € 2. Cash on delivery costs apply only to the Greek Territory.

  • Bank Deposit: After adding to the cart the products you wish to buy, payment can be made by deposit in a bank account.

Bank: GR8601403060306002002005079

After completing the order, there is a time limit of 2 days for the money to be deposited in the bank account. The sending of the order will be completed only when the receipt of the deposit is sent to us by mail (which is info@rubyboutique.gr). The order will be canceled if the deposit is not made within 2 working (not calendar) days.

  • Credit Card: After you add the products to the cart and wish to pay by credit card, you complete the order and immediately redirect to the safe environment of alpha bank where you will fill in your personal details and the card details, where you will be asked. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard.

The company does not bear any responsibility in case of error when recording the data by the customer, as well as for the truth of what is reported. The sole responsibility is the customer.

Also, the company is not responsible for any problems that may occur during the transaction.

  • Payment at the Store: Customers who wish to pick up their order in person from our store at Papastavrou 8, Larissa will pay for their order at the store in cash, otherwise if they do not wish to pay in cash they will choose one of the above payment methods.
  1. 7. a) Shipping Methods (Valid for Greece)

Orders are accepted for product deliveries only within the territory of the Greek State.

The orders are sent with the courier company “elta-courier-“.

Shipping costs are 5 €

Indicative delivery time:
* 1-2 working days for Land Greece (from Evros to Patras)
* 2-3 working days for Island Greece and inaccessible land destinations (such as Chania, Rethymnon, Rhodes etc).

Upon sending your order you will receive an email with detailed information about your order. You can contact us by email or phone 241 400 1687 for any information you want.

Orders to be placed before 2:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day.
Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday.

* Any customer wishing to have a delivery on Saturday should inform us and in this case the shipping costs amount to 3 € euros.

Our company is not responsible for any delays in delivery beyond the stipulated time as well as for the delay due to insufficient data of the sender.

In the second case, the competent department will contact the customer directly, in order to resolve the issue immediately.

Nevertheless, we are at your disposal to serve you in the best possible way at info@rubyboutique.gr – and at 241 400 1687


The delivery time of the sold products is confirmed in the acceptance of the order by the company, and is 1 to 3 days from the time of the preparation of the sale unless there is a special different agreement of the parties that is confirmed in writing, by e-mail.

In case such time is not agreed and confirmed for any reason in the above way, the delivery will be made no later than thirty (30) days from the acceptance of the order and preparation of the sale.

In case of extraordinary and unforeseen obstacle that the company will face regarding the delivery of product / products, the latter is entitled to postpone the delivery of all or part of the sold products and services only once, with a written statement (e-mail) to the customer (at the same time there will be a telephone update), provided that the total waiting time does not exceed, together with the postponement, the thirty (30) days from the time of approval of the order and preparation of the sale.

Otherwise in case of exceeding the deadline of thirty (30) days due to obstruction or inability of the company to make the delivery to the customer, then only the customer will be entitled if he wishes, to set a new second deadline for delivery in excess of thirty (30) days (such new deadline is not necessary if the company refuses delivery in general, or if the delivery served the customer’s interests only if it was made within the legal deadline of thirty (30) days and the customer had informed the company). If the additional deadline set by the customer is not met, then the latter is entitled to terminate the contract of sale for the overdue items.


  1. a) Change Policy (Applies to Greece)

You have the right to change the products you bought within 14 days from the date of receipt with the same courier company elta-courier, which you received.

Changes are made ONLY and IF you have first contacted us by phone at 241 400 1687

In order for your change to take place, the products must be in the same condition as the one you received, wear-free and without any damage.

In case of a product is returned to us that has suffered any damage, in relation to its initial condition, the company reserves the right to move legally and with a claim for compensation.

The cost of the first change is 5 €

In case for any reason, you need a change for the second time, the return costs amount to 5 €

In case you wish to change or return a product and return the products to us, on your own initiative, without prior notification, there will be an additional charge of € 5, in the process of change.

For hygienic reasons changes in jewelry & accessories are not accepted.


  1. Change Process

In case you want to make a change, all you need to do is let us know and our responsible department will arrange the process for you. Without further inconvenience to the customer, we send the Courier to your place to pick up your parcel and deliver your change at the same time (hand in hand).

You also have the right to return the products you bought to us within 14 days from the date of receipt with the same courier company that delivered them to you if the following reasons are met:
* The product is different from the one you ordered.
* The product has a defect that you noticed when you opened the package.
In this case please let us know immediately.


In case of return the products must be returned in the condition received by the customer and at the time agreed. Any delay on the part of the customer is justified only for reasons of force majeure, otherwise the right of replacement under this term is dismissed.

In all cases the return of the product to be replaced must be done together with all the documents that accompanied the product.

From the initial submission of the customer’s order up to a period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the order.

This withdrawal is unjustified with the sole burden of the cost of returning the products, which is borne by the customer.

The procedure is as follows: The customer sends the products to any courier company he wishes and the shipping costs are borne by him.

He immediately informs us that he has sent his parcel and gives us the shipment number. As soon as our company receives the parcel, it communicates with the customer.

In this case, even if the item has already been delivered, the customer must return the product exactly in the condition in which it was received, with all its parts, the accompanying forms and its packaging in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted only if the buyer has first paid any amount charged by the company for the shipment of the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item.

THE COMPANY WILL NOT ACCEPT A PACKAGE RECEIPT IF THE FOLLOWING REASONS ARE CONCERNED: A) the customer declares a withdrawal and sends his parcel WITHOUT informing the company in advance withdrawal order.

The declaration of withdrawal is exercised in writing or electronically and the company is obliged to send a confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as it reaches it.

Following the declaration of withdrawal, the company is obliged to return the price received.

The refund to the customer will be made within 14 days from the day the customer receives his parcel.

The return will be made within fourteen (14) days of both the product and the price. The price will be returned to the buyer in the same way as the payment of his order.

Exceptions to withdrawal:

There is NO withdrawal in case you wish to return the products you received to us worn or have any form of damage.

There is NO withdrawal in case you have exceeded the return deadline.